You had me at Aloe.


740 Queen St E, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 2A9

There’s no time like the present and if you have not yet been into Tamar’s Trends then you may want to throw on your shoes.
These women brighten our days with their smiles, laughter and large bouquets of flowers. Sharing their sweetness all along Queen St.

Any event and these women have you covered! Their beautiful work shows their passion and consideration in each unique arrangement. They love what they do and it really shows!


Image Courtesy of Tamar’s Trends

When we first moved here it was meant to be a safe space where we would feel more connected to our community. A happy environment of love, creativity, and positivity.  Where each of us plays a role in which we are respected and valued, and our customers feel that when they come in. That this is a relaxed, welcoming environment.

Tamar Tucker, Dianne Thomas, Aris Richards, Sandra Mackenzie and Lin Werth are our communities favorite flower girls!

The day they found themselves opening Tamar’s Trends in the downtown location they knew it was meant to be. This incredibly social bunch of ladies love to be involved with the community. Each visitor that walks threw their door has a special request and are treated as though they are as special as the flowers that are made for them!

The women at Tamar’s Trend have a very unique impact on the Sault.

Through their dedication to creating beautiful flower arrangements an their approachable, fun-loving nature, they give us an experience that is not easily forgotten. They leave us with memories of sharing moments of joy and empathy with other human beings who truly care about those who live and breathe around them.

We are grateful to have Tamar’s Trends as a part of our downtown, as a part of our home.

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Call: (705) 254-9400




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