Providing Care for Animals in Need

To us, our pets are an extension of our family. We love them and protect them, we feed them and tell them to stop chewing on every pair of socks we own. Our animals make us laugh and they help us through the pains we go through in this life. They captivate us with their unconditional love and individual personalities. We find joy and friendship when we tussle their fur and snuggle up to them so It’s extremely hard to imagine that any animal as pure as they are might not have a home where they are loved and appreciated the way we love our pets.

The Animal Assistance Group – TAAG is a local Non-Profit Registered Charity dedicated to helping animals find a forever home that has nothing but love to share with their animals. Operated by dedicated volunteers and funded in 1986 a group of five incredible women who felt the need to help many homeless and stray animals to find their forever homes. These five women would host bake sales, and restore old dog houses to help pay for spaying and neutering for animals of age in their care. The Animal Assistance Group wants to create a future for animals as much as possible, one where they are properly cared for so that animals don’t end up put down as a result of homelessness.

The Animal Assistance Group takes deep consideration in who they pair their animals with as many are rescue animals that need extra love and patience. Rescuing animals from neglect, abuse, and unwantedness TAAG takes care of animals brought in, making sure they receive proper veterinary care and find themselves in the arms of a loving family. They recognize that just because an animal may have had a hard beginning does not mean they have no love to give or desire to be loved and appreciated for who they are.

The Animal Assistance Group relies solely on donations and the generosity of animal lovers to carry on its work. TAAG is currently seeking a permanent home as they are running strictly out of foster homes for the time being. It is through donations that they are able to make the difference that they do in each animals life. Striving to help control the population of animals on the street TAAG spayed and neuters all animals of age that come into their care and offer a $25 back upon proof of spay or neutering. TAAG also offers assistance through discounted services for those who qualify, this can enable people in special circumstances the opportunity to joys that come with having a furry friend.

The Animal Assistance Group uses donations, fundraising, and sponsorship from generous local community members to maintain the shelter and assist the homeless animals in its care. They are always looking for people with fun fundraising ideas to help. Partnering with Petsmart, Petfood Warehouse, Paw n’ Pets Food, Sault Animal Hospital and more. There are currently 47 kittens between the ages of  8 weeks and 4 months looking for their forever home. Each kitten comes with their first shots, dewormed and flea treatment. TAAG is doing everything they can to truly change the quality of life for local domestic animals.

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TAAG strives to take care of our smaller community members.


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