The Cutest Cubby on Queen.

If you have a soft spot for shopping local and knowing that what you spend goes back into our community and the people who work hard to keep it as lovely as it is, then you don’t want to miss a single moment you could spend at The Cubby Hole.
Ethical shopping, refurbished, handmade items and beautiful antiques, this store is to die for! It is certainly a one-of-a-kind shop with one-of-a-kind items that will fill you with nostalgia and excitement!
There is no better feeling than knowing that what you bought is ethical and made to last. Good thing the ladies of The Cubby Hole are determined to sell only that.

Elizabeth Stewart and Debbie Wanamaker are exceptional owners and playful, kind-hearted women of the Sault. They bring a fantastic energy to queen street with their passion for selling, sharing, creating and refurbishing items that will stand the test of time and look darn cute while doing so!
The second life they give to old items reminds us of how putting a lot of love and just a little bit of pixie dust (or elbow grease) into our work can really pay off.

It is an incredibly good feeling to know that they are working towards a better future where items get a second life rather than simply being thrown away. Creating something new rather than trashing what we have no use for has an incredible effect on our environment. Reducing waste means more available space for nature to flourish. It lessens our footprint and helps our wild animals to survive which is incredibly important because without proper running ecosystems nothing on this planet could survive.

“We have both been collectors since we were young. It is our passion. 
We got to a point where we realized we should be sharing this stuff and not allowing it to go into landfills. We want to share vintage with younger generations and we are seeing more young people interested!
We like taking items that look old and worn and turning them into something beautiful. To the average joe’s eye, it’s garbage but to us, we only see that we can make something out of it!” – Debbie and Liz


This shop is a blast and a half and if you stop by at the right time you’re sure to get the pleasure of meeting the team mascot and The Cubby Hole greeter, Tucker the fluff butt! An incredibly loving and sweet dog who loves to keep everyone company. And no sweat if you aren’t a dog person because Tucker is a very good puppy and will happily wait for you to do your shopping from the comfort of his own cozy room.

The items they sell are truly beautiful for the careful consideration that was put into them. From newly refurbished dressers to old-time plates and lanterns. Crafted dolls and treasures straight out of your fairy tales. Scarves, jewelry, and tea sets that that will make you feel like royalty.
The Cubby Hole is unique and fun, the owners incredible and the items are affordable so that anyone can bring a bit of The Cubby Hole’s charm into their own homes!

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