I used this originally because I was interested.
I did it again because I liked the service.
I opened my own Float center because the experience was something I couldn’t put my finger on. – Justin Sauerzopf

How often have you dreamed of floating above the clouds, looking down on the world and knowing that nothing can touch you? You are weightless, you are free and you can mold anything you want from your imagination in this perfect place.
Well, that is floating.
The darkness surrounds you but you feel peace.
The water matches your core temperature and you feel content, calm.
Light as a feather in this untouchable state, your mind is open and you are everywhere and everything happening at this moment.
You are free from gravity.

Floating is a form of meditation therapy that encourages your body to do what it does best in its most organic state. Breath. Relax. Rest.

Justin Sauerzopf had just returned home from his travels in 2017, he had spent some of his time in Edmonton when he had first discovered float tanks and before returning to the Soo he had set his mind on bringing floating to his home town.
A Float Hub where people could go to feel weightless in 300 gallons of water, 1400 lbs of Epsom salt.
This endeavor would take Justin almost three years but he would bring a place to the Soo where people could, relax, be mindful and heal. It offers mental release for those with Anxiety, PTSD, Depression, Mental and Physical pains and so much more. With a large open concept pool and optional lights that help people with claustrophobia not to feel trapped. Justin has put a lot of research and a lot of his own passion into making float therapy a reality for everyone.

Justin has created an environment that is calm from the moment you walk in.
It does not matter who goes in, everybody floats and everybody is welcome.

Justin’s calming energy and knowledge in floating is both comforting and appreciated in our community. To have a place where we get to experience something new in the Soo and such a kind heart running it is a pleasure to all who live here! We are excited to share The Hub Float Centre with everyone we know and encourage our friends and family to allow themselves the time to experience the bliss that comes with floating!
We believe that Justin’s hard work and consideration towards helping others will make a great impact in our community!

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