The warm, comforting feeling of fire heating the room and the sweet smell of wood cabin walls. If you love museums, historical reenactments, tea and stimulating conversations. You are looking in the right place.

Downtown Sault Ste Marie is where we celebrate the present and the past. We are a city that loves to live in the moment with exciting events however it is very important to us to also remember and respect our history.

Ermatinger Clergue National Historic Site, The Old Stone House is a beautiful show of pride towards the history of Sault Ste Marie. Run by spectacular caring, and knowledgeable people, it marks one of our greatest treasures in the Soo.

The presence of The Old Stone House in the Sault brings excitement and a sense of exploration in the people who visit. It is humbling to look back and see things from a time before the twenty-first century. There is a certain feeling when walking through the doors in which you could tell the building is well loved. It is a place with memories attached to the walls just waiting to be relived by those who wish to share a meal and stories of the past with one another.

 The Basement is full of old and some broken artifacts just waiting to catch your eye including the tools used to build the house. Following your feet back up the stairs the winter kitchen display waits for you near the Trading post, the early parlor, and the dining room. Rooms that hold old-time snowshoes, animal pelts, large clocks, a classic piano and a view of what dining looked like back in the day.

The upstairs hold a gentleman’s sitting room, a display bedroom, child’s playroom, a Victorian parlor, and a native studies room. Many rooms in the house offer fireplaces and kind plaques to inform you of each importance of the place.

Our gratitude to have a spectacular place like this to visit and remember is eternal.

If you want to visit this spectacular place of history click Here!

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Special thanks to KatHY FISHER of the Old Stone House for donating the images used in this article.



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