Put Your Funky Dance Pants On!

If you’re looking for anything fun, awesome, and RAD this is where you need to go!
Books; comics, records, classic video game consols, skateboards, skate apparel, and that cool new patch for your denim jacket!
This is one of those places in the Sault that you just know you will find something great!

This place has history! Starting in 1984 as Radical Records, The Rad Zone has been one of those places that never died out, never got old, and never lost its cool. I mean Heck, we still love this place today! It was the first place skaters could go in the Sault to get boards and it made a huge impact on our city’s skate culture!

The staff is down to earth, the variety never gets old and the selection is ABUNDANT!
They work hard as an independent store to keep up with the times as well as value the most loved vintage supplies that they offer. The store itself is fun to walk through as the first thing you see is shelves upon shelves of records! I mean records for sale and records decorating the walls, it’s marvelous!

There is something here for everyone, be it Rock and Roll, Punk Rock, Country, Indi, Folk or Funk! From Lou Reed to The Grateful Dead, Zepplin and Springsteen to The Verve and Hozier. Dolly Parton to Amy Winehouse, Otis Redding or even Cindi Lauper, cause we all know that girls just wanna have fun.

Your Genre of music and or books are here waiting for you.

It is a super fun place to share your interests with the community and a great place to meet new people as some come from as far away as New York!  “They have an active presence in town, helping supply music for record listening parties and participating in International Go Skate Day and International Record Store Day (April 13th)”.

“The shop aims for a community.
Ultimately our goal is to see happy faces. Reunite people with memories from their past, and maybe influence their taste of music or books in the future. We’ve literally watched kids grow up and go to college, and every time they come home, they come visit. It’s a beautiful thing” – Mel (the rad zone)


Check out their Website!
Need a Map to the store?
Show some love to their Facebook and Instagram!

Big thank you to Mel at the rad zone for donating the images used in this post!



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