THe Soo’s coziest cafe

Located at 472 Queen St. E, Q Cafe and Bakery is dedicated to serving premium fresh-roasted coffee, hand made baked goods, yummy desserts and other tasty treats to the Soo community. This warm and welcoming cafe is a family owned and operated coffee house. The cozy atmosphere and friendly service delight coffee enthusiasts and baked treat lovers alike.

If you are looking to grab something tasty for lunch, try Q’s savoury lunch menu. Because Q uses fresh ingredients, the lunch menu can vary from day to day. These fresh, inventive lunch dishes are not only tasty, they are great for your health! Some of the lunch options on the menu are gluten free.

Q Cafe and Bakery also supports our local economy. All of their coffee beans are fair trade, organically gorwn, and roasted at the local St. Joseph Island Coffee Roasters.


Q is a perfect spot to share a laugh with friends, enjoy a fine cup of coffee, and to eat a sweet homemade treat. This charming local cafe is definitely a memorable stop worth visiting!


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