Miracles preforemed here. someday.

Walkthrough the gates of Broers Jansen (Jansen Brother’s in Dutch), into the eclectic, rustic and prime area for tasting reds, whites and roses. A brilliant family-owned Dutch wine bar and bottling service where you are sure to enjoy a spectacular time speaking with the wildly intelligent brothers Stephen and Josh and delightful sister-in-law and wife, Bethany Jansen.

This authentic group has created a wine bar like none other from what used to be a full wine bottling facility transformed into that and more. Through a difficult yet tremendous job of renovating the front half of the Wine Barrel, it became the charming, wood and stone bar that we enjoy today. With large windows letting in natural light and long string bulbs hanging from sleek black ceiling tiles, the Broers Jansen visually implores those passing by to spend their afternoon or evening by a warm stone fireplace and simply soak in the wonders life has to offer.

After five and a half years of brewing beers in their cousin’s basement, brothers Stephen and Josh were encouraged by a friend to consider visiting the Wine Barrel when it was in its previous ownership of Dale and Miriam Hammar. The Jansen brothers only needed to see the place one or two times before their minds had been made up to buy the Wine Barrel from retired, yet incredibly active couple Dale and Miriam.
The couple stayed around for roughly a year before stepping back to let the brothers fully take over the place and in this time they made sure the Jansen brothers were prepared and experienced enough to run a successful wine business.

The brothers decorated their newly renovated bar with bookshelves full of history, cooking, winemaking, and books on the natural environment. Sharing that shelf space with decorative clogs and dutch plates, lanterns and a classic VW model car. The Broers Jansen is emanating with positive energy and feel-good music that celebrates all of the success that comes from having a business in the heart of the Soo. Opening their doors to the bar on April 2nd of 2019 and celebrated their 5th anniversary April 14th that same year, the Jansens are ecstatic to share the wonderful Queen St life with locals and visitors alike.

The Soo like all other places have had slow years and exciting years but the brothers could sense that the city was becoming reinvigorated with life and they could feel that heartbeat booming as all of the buildings on Queen began to fill up with new, local businesses. Life in the city was getting that much more exciting and they were right in the center of it all! Offering the city a great place to remember how important it is to experience life while it’s happening to you. The Broers Jansen and Wine Barrel give the opportunity for locals and friends to bottle their own wine, experience food, and wine tasting and support other local businesses, as they make a point to bring in beers and foods from other local bars and shops in town. The Wine Barrel’s wine is incredible, especially for the fact that you know your wine is made natural with very few preservatives, a bonus you only truly get from a place like this.

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