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Music is a muscle that we need to stretch.
It is a vision inside of us that needs to be expelled from our core, extracted from your hearts, and pushed from the tip of our tongues to free space up in our minds for the next beautiful idea to take root.
Music possesses us, as we write, sing, and play our songs for others we expose a piece of our minds to listeners.

One of the most magical aspects of music or art is sharing your ideas within a community because music has the potential to build people up and rattle their senses. When we collaborate, our music inspires others to join in on the creative and contagious power being sent out into the world by visionaries.

Sault Ste. Marie has always been fully loaded with raw talent of its own for decades, some talent to wild to not hit the spotlight, however, all artists need a place to record. Mission Control Studios has been a hub in the Soo for 5 years now. It is a well-known place for locals to record their EPs and with Dustin Jones running the show everyone that works around him is sure to be energized and inspired by his spectacular dedication and positive, down to earth mentality!

Dustin Jones of Mission Control Studios and Tidal Records is where local SSM talent goes to make music happen. Dustin began his recording journey 30 years ago on an old 4-track and now has one of the best-known studios in Sault Ste. Marie.
The place to make music quickly became Dustin’s studio as he upgraded his entire basement over the years into an epic, soundproofed, stocked and ready to record professional music.

Putting out local artists music, Dustin has always been able to see the potential that lived in the Soo. He created his studio to be a place where quality records could be made at fair costs to the locals. Dustin’s set up is out of his own home which allowed him to take his time building a proper studio over the years. Thanks to this, Dustin is able to charge extremely reasonable prices for local artists to produce their own music.

Unconventional and undeniably cool, Dustin has made a difference in our whole communities way of self-expression. His proactive attitude and passion for music have led Dustin to do so much good here in Sault Ste. Marie, from guiding new artists to working on music with youth. Dustin was accepted immediately in a local elementary school to do a songwriting course and into local high schools to host a songwriting competition each year where the winner gets to record their music. The reward found in the work Dustin has done in the community is immeasurable as he has been able to mold the minds of the youth and see them continue growing their creativity.

To be accepted into the schools immediatly was exactly what I hoped for. To see kids creating their own music is so rewarding. 
I love songwriting, I love music, I love giving back. 
It is great to be able to use my talen and my work ethic to get others in the Soo to be creative too. It’s a win win. 

– Dustin Jones

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