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There is so much benefit that comes from exercise, when we find the type of sport and exercise that works for us than there is no stopping us!
Biking has such a cool culture around it, not to mention the fact that it inevitably brings us significantly closer to nature, to the world around us, and to others who share our passion to put our feet on those peddles and go!

We live in a day and age where mental health is such an open topic and that is a fantastic thing. Here in the Soo we are a very active community and we really believe that one of the best things for mental health is exercise, and this city loves to bike!

Vélorution is one of those stores that helps people not only by offering bikes but also running programs, lessons and educating people on biking. They are a no-pressure kind of shop that has their own kind of coffee to offer straight from St.Joes Island called Road Rage, and every Saturday you can pop by just for a donut and chat.

Every bike shop is known for their token positively crazy person who lights up the whole place but the reason Vélorution is so special is because it is quite literally loaded with those types of people who are in it to educate! Its their excitement, motivation, and genuine affection that shows visitors how this is not your average store!

Vélorution‘s involvement in the city has had a wonderful effect on the community, working to help our city live healthier lives through biking. Advocating for supporting trail development and education based around sport.

Jan, owner of Vélorution originally joined the store in 2008 and at that time there was only one employee and the store was half the size it is today. Nowadays you can walk into the store and what used to be a machine shop has been transformed into even more epic bike space. Tires, helmets, clothing, safety gear, bikes, bikes and more bikes! Fat bikes, road bikes, gravel bikes, mountain bikes, kids bikes, run bikes, city bikes, comfort hybryds, dule sport hybrid, fitness hybrid… a lot of bikes!

To the side of the shop there is an epic pump track to try out your new bike and behind that in a small wooded area is a camping ground for people traveling on silent sport equipment.
People from all over the world have camped here and often times it has been bikers who are looking to raise money for charitable cause by taking on the whole country one peddle at a time. The oldest woman to ever bike the country was 83 years old when she stopped to camp at Vélorution.

For a beginner womens biking group there is Titty Tuesday in the Hiawatha Higlands. Children can learn to ride right on site with the help of the incredible Staff.

And don’t foget that when the winter comes you can also visit Vélorution for the same fun but for skiing!
No season escapes these wonderful outdoorsie folk and they want to share it with each and everyone who walks through their doors!

“There isn’t often a right or wrong way when it comes to biking.
Biking can be artistic, you can get what you want out of it and it can be a means of self expression. That’s what makes it so cool! When I get a bike under me I have no apprehensions. It allows me to be social and feel more comfortable in social situations. It is my lifestyle working at Velorution. I don’t see it as a job because I love it so much.” – Danielle Anstess


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