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Our bodies do so much for us every day,  giving us the strength we need to be active and enjoy the sports we love, play with our children and families and explore the world around us. From our muscles to our brains what we eat directly affects how our day is going to go, how cognitive we will be and how much strength we will have through the day. Our bodies speak to us through physical and emotional feelings, when the bodies needs are not met it expresses itself through hunger, discomfort, pain and emotional grief. Likewise, it does the same when we have taken care of it, fed it good food and allowed it to rest, giving us overall feelings of happiness, energy and emotional stability.

Food is such an important factor in our lives as a healthy diet truly brings out the best in us. Fast, processed and unhealthy foods, on the other hand, tend to make us tired, not so quick on our feet and often cause health problems down the line if we continue to eat poorly. Vegetables, nuts, yogurt, and beans, for example, are wonderful fuels for our bodies as they energize us mentally and physically, and simply make us happier as we produce serotonin! It seems with such beautiful and useful tools carrying us through this world that we should treat our bodies to good food without question.

Vibe Eatery & Juice Co. is serving up delicious beverages and meals that our Soo community can feel good about. Offering a wide range of Organic Cold Pressed Juices, Fresh Made Smoothies, teas, and locally roasted coffee. The eatery serves food products that are free from preservatives and pesticides. This health-conscious Juice bar is a fully gluten-free establishment so those with a gluten-intolerance can enjoy delicious beverages and meals with peace of mind!

Now health can be a tricky thing as all of our bodies are different but Vibe Eatery & Juice Co. being the wonderful place that it is wants to help you find what is right for you! Offering consultations to help you better understand what a proper juice detox can do for the body. From resetting your digestive system to assisting with weight management it is never a bad idea to put fresh fruit and vegetables in your system. Vibe cleanse consulting services will help to identify your needs and make sure that your regimen is customized to fit you.

Working together in partnership with other local companies such as Jardin Farm and Superior North Maple Products, Vibe Eatery &Juice Co. sources fully Canadian brands to create the delicious food and juices they present to you. And just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it can’t be sweet too, Vibe offers delicious sweets and treats such as chocolate peanut butter balls, brownies, and muffins. There is always something delicious to be found at Vibe and there is always a friendly face that cares, waiting to greet you.

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