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Remember the days when we knocked on each other’s doors to see if our friends were home because there was no texting? Or the times we would walkie talkie one another to meet at the park with our bikes to cruise around the neighborhood? How about when we would sit around a thick, bulky television and play packman on Atari or watch episodes of The Flinstones, Inspector Gadget and Goosebumps! Not to mention that Smart as you commercial where the TV tells us to go back outside! All of these things while fallen out of date are preserved through the fantastic world of vintage shopping!

Vintage Games ‘N Junque has been a fabulous part of Sault Ste. Marie for five years, expanding rapidly from the moment they first opened their doors. This store will capture your attention from your first glimpse inside. An awe-inspiring amount of memories and bits of history just waiting to be discovered, this is more than just an antique store!

Owners Mike Turcotte and Beth Davison are the kind of husband and wife that entertain customers with a playful back and forth banter that really shows the love between them. They build relationships and share genuine curiosity about the people who visit them. This social duo has created a place that everyone wants to visit with themed areas from the 90s to back before even the 30s!

They show off historical eras at the front and as you work your way back you will find yourself staring at games and comics and movies from your own childhood. He-Man figures and Legend of Zelda video games for N64. Supporting The Rad Zone there is even a section of Rad Zone records waiting to be explored. From Pat Benatar to Joan Jett, Elton John, and Ozzy Ozborn, the list goes on and on. Skateboards with epic designs and the timelessly cool band shirts for adults, children, and sometimes toddlers.

“My dad owned vintage stores when I was a kid so I’ve always been around it. My kids’ joke that I’m unemployed  because my job is so fun.” – Mike Turcotte


Owning Vintage Games ‘N Junque has given Mike and Beth the wonderful opportunity to travel around Canada visiting expos and conventions. It has allowed them the freedom to mold a humble 400ft store into the epic 3500ft we know today! But size isn’t everything, though this couple wants to keep their business growing their first and foremost factor is variety. Mike and Beth are adamant that they cover all demographics for the variety of peoples that come in looking for specific and non-specific items. From collectors of games to history buffs this place is a hot spot that Mike and Beth put all of themselves into, making sure that the store is able to fulfill each treasure hunters search.

To own a vintage shop is to be apart of a community all its own. There is no competition for them in this business as Mike and Beth believe there should be a hundred vintage shops in the Soo alone. The reason being that if one shop doesn’t have what you are looking for, vintage shop owners are always happy to guide you to another. The style of each shop is never the same and the offerings are often quite different. It is important to Mike and Beth that similar stores, and all stores, work together in this regard as it helps the whole community rather than just one business.

They are an incredible team working to preserve memories that made us laugh and cry. Some memories bring up deep emotions others reminders of when we were young and life an extra silly time.
Antiques are an amazing way in which we remember the past and preserve the future, resuing instead of wasting and remembering the importance of each day.

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Vintage Games ‘N Junque proudly brings to Sault Ste. Marie and event we know and love called “Steel City NerdCon“. This popular even is cosplay convention where all of our locals and visitors can buy tickets to visit vendors, participate in the best costume contest, play video games, participate in tabletop game contests, win prizes and so much more! This event is a yearly ordeal and it is all thanks to Vintage Games ‘N Junque!


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