Memories to last a lifetime

This beautiful life takes us by our bootstraps on a wonderful journey of changes, growth, inspirations, and creations. Sometimes life moves so fast we feel we jumped from seven to twenty-one, other times it feels like the clock stopped moving altogether and we’ll never get the pleasure of being older. The future is a dream we chased in our youth, the past a memory of days where the only wrinkles we had lived on the bottoms of our feet. We are forever changing and learning, growing with the ones we love at our sides or on solo trips to find our individual paths. Creating families of our own and remembering moments where our children stumbled around with chubby legs and tiny hands, wide grins and a taste for adventure.

WP Creations Formally known as  Wee Piggies and Paws is around to help us collect memories that make our lives magical. Every line of your newborn’s hands etched in stone, the very hands that would one day grow to mold the world around them to fit their creativity. A piece of art that allows a physical memory of the days they were oh so small. The nose print of your childhood furry best friend forever marked in silver hanging over your heart on a delicate chain.
These are the things that we know are priceless sentiments.
To hold the ones we love close to us no matter what.

Founded in 2001 and introduced to Sault Ste. Marie in 2017 as an opportunity for stay home mothers to earn an income and own their own business. WP Creations has since expanded to an award-winning national franchise creating Life Casting, Raised Impressions, Sentiments in Silver, Photo Crystals, Canvas Prints and Inkless Prints of hands, feet, noses, paws and more.
Run by the wonderful and sensitive Rhonda Johnston who recognizes the emotional benefits that accompany making these memories physical. Rhonda works hard to make keepsakes that will last a lifetime and affect people in a positive, heartfelt way.
Each creation captures every beautiful wrinkle, crinkle, and crease of a moment in the life of someone you love dearly.

To have such a beautiful company in Sault Ste. Marie has helped us preserve stories of the past. It has brought many of us to tears, the kind of tears you cry when joy escapes from the heart and mind and radiates physically from you. Happy tears.
Rhonda shares this gift so incredibly through her craft. WP Creations that come from a place of love and empathy because each piece shares its own unique story.

Memories of generations of men and women, proud families and beloved pets. These pieces will stay with us and be passed down to our special kin for years to come. Wonderful memories, beautiful art, treasures of the heart.
WP Creations is a positive story and a beautiful way of expressing love.

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Courtesy of Rhonda Johnston



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