Our Native Heritage Site!

Whitefish is a beautiful island attached to the Sault Ste.Marie Canal, National Historic Site.
It is a location that preserves its natural environment and offers historical signs and buildings to advance your knowledge on this beautiful piece of Indigenous land.

While these days whitefish is often primarily viewed as a public place for our locals and visitors, it is a huge representation of the history of Sault Ste Marie.
In times of war the island was used as a lookout for the indigenous cultures. The ability to see the enemy coming provided tribes with knowledge and awareness.

Here, our people visit a place that is grounding to see the flora and fauna. Here, we remember the history and our Mother, the spirit of the forest.

The wildlife on whitefish island are social and we want to share that with everyone whilst showing our respect to nature and all that it gives us. We do not take what we do not need and remember to think about the impacts we have for seven generations to come as the generations before us thought of how they effect us.

Here in the Sault and on the island we are thankful to have such beauty and history. We are thankful for the people willing to share this with us and to tell tales of the days of old. We care about the land and the people and we try to show that threw respect and consideration.

It is always a good thing to stand where your ancestors stood, and to bring your kids. it has open water and access to fishing all year round, a place to rest after canoeing off of Lake Superior.  – frank belleau



Special thanks to Rizwan Dharani for our feature image today!
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