Sault Ste. Marie is an incredible city to live in for so many reasons and because of how much we wanted to share our love for this city we thought there would be no better way than to have our locals tell you themselves!


1. We Care



The Soo is absolutely loaded with people who care.
You will never truly be alone in this city as we are the type of people who look after one another. We watch out for one another and we help each other whenever we can!
The Soo is full of incredibly self-less people and that is why we take so much pride in our city! When you open your hearts to the locals, they open their hearts to you and that is something that is truly magical!
We are a kind city and that is what our locals love most about calling the Soo home!
We care means that we are a community that looks out for one another, protects our natural environment, volunteers time to helping local charities, creates an environment where everyone is welcome!
This city is loaded with incredible people who both work and donate their time to bettering our city always. We have incredible charities that look to helping keep our city clean, safe and joyous.

We are the kind of city that people want to raise their children in, grow old in and explore!

Our schools are full of programs that will help you to become who you were meant to be.

Our city is welcoming of all peoples from all walks of life!


 When we asked our locals “What do you love most about Sault Ste. Marie?”  overall kindness was the most frequent response and we think that speaks volumes in and of our city itself!

Although I live alone I know I’m not alone. My neighbours are fabulous!” – Jennifer Dickson

Kindness. Lots of people are really kind here.” -Taylor O’Brien 

“I came all the way from Mexico to study film, but the best thing about the Sault is that I met my soulmate, Kaitlyn.” – Jesus Ernesto Beltran

“It’s spectacular how many people are willing to volunteer their time to our community.” – Colin Kirkwood

“If you need help here people have no problem stopping, they are willing.” – Deron Tett

“It’s the small acts of kindness that show what counts in Sault Ste. Marie.” – John Clement 


“I can never forget how well my Sault college helped me on getting myself adjusted comfortably with Canadian culture and deal with this emotional imbalance that everyone feels when first moved to Canada. I can say that I am not scared of being away from my family and home just because I have faith in my @saultcollege and especially in our @saultcollegeinternational department. The most respected people work in this department according to me, I salute them for helping students in all situations. The most positive thing I see around is my college and the amount of warmth they carry in their heart for international students. I have joined SSM in this January and survived through one of the hardest Winters, that’s how I know I can survive anything in my life as I am a part of SSM now. Thank you for having us.” – Dhairya Dave

2. We Shop Local
Locally Sourced

From Vintage shops to locally sourced food supplies. Music and dance lessons to vendors in the park, skateboarding and record shops. In the Soo, our community puts tremendous support and pride in its local business owners. We believe that putting our money back into the community is one of the most important things we can do as locals to support our people and our economy!
We get to know the people who are selling the goods we buy and it makes us feel good to know where our items are coming from!

“Great entrepreneurship. We have so many awesome small businesses run by locals.” – Sandra J Holmberg

“Local businesses support each other and promote each other! We also have amazing beaches!” – Tee Srryk

Amazing local businesses with friendly, first class customer service especially downtown!” – Angela Romano

 “Amazing LOCALLY owned restaurants!” – Lauren Running

 “Many locally owned businesses beautiful town to live in with amazing people around us !!” – Neeta Batra Marwah

You still have The Rad Zone providing music and skateboards to the city all these years running!” – Jay Benj


3. We Create


Whatever your means of Artistic expression, there is a place for you in Sault Ste. Marie! Our community LOVES art. We express ourselves through dance, photography, sculpting, baking, theater, music and so much more! The Soo is alive with creativity and all of our locals are involved. We have community murals all over our city and outdoor pianos for everyone to enjoy! We truly value the arts here and are proud of each individual who adds to the community by letting their art be seen and heard!

“Tremendous thriving arts community. We have an abundance of accessible talent in Sault Ste. Marie and area, with several wonderful venues to showcase it!” – Fred Pelletier 

There is an incredible amount of talented artists in this city. You can never NOT find the right person for the job! – Douglas Ewen

4. We Explore

Dan Grisdale Photography

Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall, it is essential in the North Ontario lifestyle that we explore! For so many of us here in Sault Ste. Marie, exploring is the fiber of our very being and thanks to the wonderful environment we live in we are able to take full advantage of the magnificent landscapes!

The Soo is kind of a funny place for the sense that we are a bit wonkier than you may expect! Get to know us, you’ll love it! We dive deep into the history of our city, teaching and reenacting history at our Natural Historic Sites such as the Old Stone House. We Canoe down our St. Mary’s River learning about sustainability and wildlife with the Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy. We are the fearless rock and ice climbers of Ontario and we are a city where your more than likely to come across someone taking their cats on a hike through Gros Cap, Robertsons Cliff, or Whitefish Island! Needless to say, we are not afraid to be ourselves!

Our landscape is outstanding! Twenty minutes of driving any direction and you are sure to end up in the wide-open terrain, biking with the wonderful Vélorution or swimming in the crisp waters of our pristine Lake Superior. We are a city of excitement and peace all in one. A city of festivals, games, music, and excitement. Our community is tight nit but we love newcomers and would be more than happy to show you around the neighborhood and take you to the beautiful Bellevue Park gardens or introduce you to our beloved Farmer Bob in the Hiawatha Highlands!
Have an adventure like none other!

“I spent over 30 years working in southern Ontario and moved back to my hometown of the Soo when I retired. The Soo offers something that is elusive elsewhere: Quality of life. I am encouraging my friends in the south to visit the north and experience the friendliness of the people and the incredible beauty of the area.” – Daniel Carrier 

 “The sound of the boats going through the locks, our gorgeous waterfront” – Lauren Running

 “Proximity to LSPP, and countless other trails, beaches, and campgrounds!” – Danaé Ingram

“The natural surroundings. There’s no reason for anyone to ever be bored!” – Jaime Brideau 

“I think there is a lot of beauty in the downtown area. I love the sandstone buildings and the history of Sault Ste. Marie. There is so much to celebrate and admire just underneath the surface. Let’s support those that are trying to bring out the best of us. And don’t forget that in less than 10m you can be out there hiking or biking in some of the most beautiful landscape anywhere.”  – Carole Blaquiere

“The absolutely stunning country surrounding the city that is never more than a twenty-minute drive from any spot in the city” – Lianne Olmstead Lawrence 




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