Local rock talent Dennis Duguay, John Chindamo and Jeff Grey are WISHBONE!

These local rockstars have been diving into the world of music since the first moments they could pick up an instrument and rock.
Dennis Duguay the founding member of Wishbone is an original songwriter who has always held his vision of creating classic rock music that could last through the turn of each century.

“My wish on the wishbone was for these songs to be a hit.” -Dennis Duguay

“I don’t rush my songs. One word can inspire a whole song but I wont force it. A lot of the time I put a bunch of words that rhyme in the corners of a blank page and as the song progresses I use those. ” -Dennis Duguay


Bass player Jeff Gray and Drummer John Chindamo joined Wishbone in 2018.
Jeff Gray had been a fan since Wishbone was founded in 2007 so when the opportunity came up to be a bass player, and singer, Jeff jumped on the opportunity. Bringing his incredible energy, positivity, and show biz comedic relief factor forward they were a dynamic duo.
Jeff’s skills on the guitar got him into many different bands over the years and himself being the kind of guy who certainly lives his life to enjoy it took on each opportunity that came his way with immense spunk!

“Its one of those things in life where you dont get many chances so you jump on it when you do get your chance.” -Jeff Gray


Photo Andrea Reif
Jeff Gray Bio

“Before joining the band I always went to see them play “Hey Guys” and they always played it first, so you couldn’t be late to the show! Wishbone is a classic rock band and you can feel it when we are all playing a song we like together.” – Jeff Gray

Now the band had a lead, a base and they needed a Johnny Snake Eyes. The band had been searching for a drummer for some time before meeting John Chindamo otherwise known as Johnny Snake Eyes. It had been a hard time finding a drummer that suited the band but Johnny came along with his natural rhythm on the drums and easy going demeanor. He was the drummer they had been looking for all along. It all fit together like a fantastic rock puzzle.

I’m just a guy who has always played music. It’s always been what I liked to do. I was lucky to come across a couple of guys with the same mindset as me.” – John Chindamo

“It’s one thing to bring musicians together but its a totally different thing to bring musicians together who all actually love what they are playing.

There is something special with Wishbone. ”
– John Chindamo

The energy that flows out of the group when they play their music is electric! The chemistry between them is phenomenal. You can hear and see it in the way they play and banter together that these guys love to be around each other. This is a genuine band that has nothing but positive things to say about each other and share genuine respect for one another. They play in a way that will get all of your senses rattled and they are the kind of guys you could sit down with after the show to have a down to earth conversation.

Wishbone a is Soo-Original Rock band that shake the soil and rattle the river!  They are loved by our locals and each member enjoys living an easy going life in this lake town. Work by day, play by night. The Soo moto hits these guys to their core and they really do rock.

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